Freret St. berween Napoleon & Valmont

“Show Your Talent” – Street Art Festival in Freret, Louisiana

The street art festival “Show Your Talent” is an annual event held by the agency StreetArt with the support of the Administration of Pharmacy Mall.

“Show Your Talent” is an event proved its relevance, won the title of the best project in the field of social communications and charity. The organizers believe that this festival has a positive influence on the development of street art not only in Freret, New Orleans, Louisiana but throughout the country, as a platform for realizing ambitions and talents of young artists and demonstrating the talents of street art masters.


The dates of “Show Your Talent” change from year to year. The main events of the festival take place on the first weekend of July. It was on the first weekend of July 2017 that this festival started and the first works appeared within the framework of the street festival

This time is chosen on the basis of practical considerations: weather conditions that allow you to actively draw and create outside, a relatively free period of time in schedules of artists who are more eager to come to this beautiful town in the summer, time of “active walking” of citizens. This time contributes to more frequent contact of the audience with street art.

Features of Organization and Planning

The administration of “Show Your Talent” year-round organizes and arranges a lot of different events and creative initiatives. They can take place at any time of the year, depending on the need and possibilities. The coverage of the whole year allows being relevant and visible in the information field, ensuring a permanent presence in the media. Availability and flexibility in planning make it possible to add, supplement and initiate any activities related to street art, already during the festival, without violating someone’s overall plans.

Sponsors and Partners

With the support of permanent sponsors and partners such as Pharmacy Mall, the basic budget necessary for the implementation of basic events is formed. The remaining projects are financed by attracting additional sponsors, who are offered a special package to realize their main idea to promote their company. Such an opportunity may give a chance for unknown companies to get advertising necessary for further development. If you are interested in street art as a participant or just visitor you are welcome to follow what event will be organized next year.