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Morning Erection: True or False?

Morning erection is one of the most intriguing puzzles of the male body. This happens to all healthy men who do not suffer from erectile dysfunction and is an absolutely normal physiological reaction.

Did you know that usually involuntary erection in men occurs during the phase of fast sleep when brain activity increases and we see dreams? However, this erection is not related to a content of dreams. In addition, erection is observed in men, not only in the mornings, but also 3 – 5 times per night. Besides adult men, morning erections occur in boys, infants, and even male fetus in the womb of the mother. Usually, it lasts about 20 – 30 minutes, but in some cases, it can stay up to two hours or more.

Doctors use information about morning erection to diagnose problems with potency. A special device or ordinary ring made of paper is put on the penis. If for several nights this ring remains undamaged, it can be concluded that a man has physiological causes of erectile dysfunction. If at night, unlike the state of wakefulness, a man has an erection, most likely, it’s a matter of psychological problems.


Why do we need this «useless» erection? Some scientists believe that at night blood enters the cavernous body of the penis, increasing flow of oxygen to tissues, which prevents the development of fibrosis – one of the most common causes of erectile dysfunction. In addition, erection can be a consequence of overflow of the bladder, which stimulates nerve endings in the spine that control reflex erection. Also, do not forget about the partner, who even in a dream can excite a man with a touch.

Impotence is Only a Problem of… Perception

A new study of anthropology specialists from the University of Iowa showed that problem of impotence is perceived as such only in Western culture. In the US and European countries, impotence is a tragedy for men, it is important for them to have the maximum amount of sex throughout their life. However, the study showed that in other parts of the world representatives of the stronger sex would even be happy to get rid of their «hard tools».

In their view, such dramatic perception is a consequence of culture, stereotypes in society and is also fueled by representatives of pharmaceutical industry with mercenary goals. The idea that masculinity is determined by the ability to perform penetrating frequent sex is a cultural phenomenon and not a physical or universal norm.

Only in Western society, it is believed that more courageous men should have a lifelong ability to perform sexual intercourse – and it is on this belief that marketing mechanisms that increase the sale of means from erectile dysfunction are based. They are taken for granted. Researches advise shifting focus on penetrating sex as an ideal version of sexuality.

Spider Venom as a New Remedy for Impotence

The spider, which is found in fruit plantations in South Africa, and which size is 10 – 12 centimeters, can be a hope for men suffering from erectile dysfunction and not experiencing fear or aversion to these creatures.

A man who was bitten by a banana spider, has long, persistent erection. In addition, this «lucky guy» suffers from severe pain, loss of muscle control and breathing problems. Scientists decided to use this property of spider venom and make of it a cure for impotence. At the moment, experts from University of Georgia, USA, are studying the poison, trying to isolate toxin, which is responsible for such symptom as erection.

Tests of toxin PnTx2-6 on laboratory rats have shown that this substance normalizes the erectile function in sick animals. Since the body of some patients does not react to existing drugs against impotence, spider venom can be a good alternative to modern means.