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How to Take Viagra without Prescription?

Viagra is recommended for use about an hour before the future of sexual intercourse. In this case, you should observe Viagra Canada dosage that was prescribed by the doctor individually in the case of each individual man. In most cases, one pill is taken for one dose, which contains 50 milligrams of the active substance – Sildenafil. But the dose always depends on the effect that each specific man needs. Therefore, drug dosage can be as low as half the tablet, that is, up to 25 milligrams, or in individual cases, it will increase to two tablets and makeup as much as 100 mg.

It is proven that this drug begins its action about 30 minutes after its pills have been taken. If we talk about the duration of the expected effect, then, with all the norms, it is about 4-5 hours. But only under the condition of intense sexual excitement, it is possible to achieve erection right after 30 minutes after ingestion. The effect can last for 4-5 hours as a minimum. Canadian Pharmacy reminds you that if you use Viagra with fatty foods, then the effect will have to wait a little longer because such food helps to slow absorption into the blood. They say that waiting period can increase to undesirable hours or two, which, as known, is not very welcome in amorous cases.

Nevertheless, when treating impotence with Viagra, one should not forget about some useful tips that will improve Viagra prescribed by doctor effect and intimate life quality. There must be a romantic attitude to intimacy with a woman. A man, first of all, should have a sincere desire “to wake up”. After all, the drug can only help if you have a previous sexual excitement. Naturally, at the end of the sexual intercourse erection passes, and reappears, if there is sexual excitement occurrence.

It is necessary to wait for the time of drug action, Viagra has a certain property to work and to deliver male confidence in their abilities for 4 to 5 hours. Probably most men agree that this is a sufficient period of time in order to completely relieve tension, to get distracted from unimportant things and to concentrate completely on getting and giving the woman the fullest sense of satisfaction. That is, if in the arsenal for action there are as many as four hours, then this is a fairly optimal option in order to plan all future actions for the evening or for the night. In some cases, the drug can begin to perform much faster than in 30 minutes and appear in a quarter of an hour. In order that it does not become an unexpected surprise, it is better to prepare and take Viagra approximately one hour before the closeness.

How Often Can I Take Viagra Canada with Doctor’s Prescription?

The question of how often you can take Viagra is still debatable. After all, this question really worries men, because they are talking about their health. Men have specific phobias – firstly, they are afraid that this sexual stimulant will necessarily harm their health, and, secondly, the body will “get used to” and, perhaps, will forget how to maintain an erection on their own. In fact, such fears are in vain, because in more than fifteen years of its history, a drug has repeatedly been subjected to studies and tests on a great number of patients suffering from erectile dysfunction.

Clinically confirmed tests have shown that long-term Viagra use does not pose a great danger to the body. It is proved that it does not affect either nervous system or genitourinary system, in particular, erection. In addition, its use improves erection during a regular period for more than three years qualitatively changes the potency.